Te Iringa • Grade 5 • Length 20 - 40km

Te Iringa is a 100% singletrack back country epic hike a bike mission. Set deep in the heart of the Kaimanawa Forest Park among native beech forest this ride climbs and descends over Mt Te Iringa, then the track follows the Kaipo River to the Oamaru Hut. If you are a technically skilled expert rider, with a high level of fitness, seeking adventure you will love this ride.

Length: 40km return (20km each way)    Ride time: 8-12hrs (4-6hrs each way)  Grade: 5 (Advanced)    Seasons: Summer (Dec - March)

DOC opened this trail to bikes a few years ago. By "opened" we mean you are now allowed to ride a mountain bike on the track and DOC has changed the sign at the start by adding: a mountain bike icon, and one way ride time, and specifying it as a grade 5 mountain bike track. To put it simply, what you can expect on this ride is a rough tramping track, with no upgrades for cycling. If this sound like fun, read on.

Best way to do the ride:

Make it a 2 day adventure: Carry overnight gear and food on your bike so you can stay the night at the Oamaru Hut. The next day ride back out over Mt Te Iringa the same way you came in. The trail rides entirely differently going the other direction, but equally as hard!

The shortest option: Ride, walk, and push to the old hut site near to the top of Mt Te Iringa. Turn around here for an amazing technical descent back to the car park.

A big day out: Ride, walk, and push to the top of Te Iringa, then descend through magical beech forest single track all the way to the swing bridge that crosses the Kaipo River. Turn around here and ride out back over Mt Te Iringa.

A massive day out: If you consider yourself to be an expereinced adventure rider, with back country experience, expert technical skills, and have a very high level of fitness, you could consider riding the hut and back in a day. Expect an 8-12 hr ride time. This should only be attempted in dry conditions, and when you have lots of day light to work with. If you do this, start early and ride with friends that are of equal skill level and fitness.

For any of these options, be sure to bring: A Personal Locator Beacon, GPS, NZ Topo50 map, compass, lots of food & water, exta clothes, rain gear, first aid kit, and bike tool kit. Also, don't forget to tell someone your plans and when to expect you back.

Note: There is no mobile reception on this ride.


More information coming soon. Have a look at the photos below (Note: The photos don't do justice to the difficulty of the ride.)