The Story of Tread Routes

We love cycling and mountain biking, and we love New Zealand

We have had such fun over the years of exploring the Central North Island and showing our friends and family around all the wild places in our amazing backyard. It was only natural for us to start doing this full time. The concept of Tread Routes as a Central North Island cycle tour company was born around the same time as the development of the The New Zealand Cycle Trail. This national trail network is also known as Nga Haerenga which translates to “the journeys”. The New Zealand Cycle trail is a series of “Great Rides” spread across our amazing country, usually tucked away in the most remote areas.

Who we are

We are cyclists. The reason Tread Routes exists is because we are fanatical about cycling. We are a small business based in Taupo, the gateway to the Central North Island. We like to keep it real: the same people who you’ll deal with throughout the planning and booking process will be the same people who will drive you, and guide you through our favourite places. Tread Routes was founded from a love of mountain biking in New Zealand and a passion to share it with others!

Why us?

We are cyclists and mountain biking is our passion. We ride the tracks on a regular basis because it’s what we love to do. This means we can give you first hand, up to date knowledge. You are able to choose whether you want to join a scheduled tour or tailor an exclusive Custom Tour experience according to your desires. With our intricate knowledge of the trails we can tailor a Custom Tour to suit your group and even adjust itineraries according to the weather to provide the best experience on the trail. We are a leader in mountain biking safety, and one of the very few bike tour companies in New Zealand that have achieved OutdoorsMark Adventure Activities Certification. This is the highest standard in mountain biking safety so you can rest assured that throughout your experience with us we hold safety in the highest regard.

Why Groups?

We all know it, cycling can be a very social sport, and almost everyone likes to ride with friends. We also know that cycling is a great way to make friends. Cycle tours and bike trips are social cycling at its best. We offer group trips that enable you to choose whether it will be a trip exclusive to your group of friends, or you can join a group to share transport and accommodation with others. Our group sizes range from 2 – 11 riders and for custom trips we can accommodate 20+. Our various tours are either fully guided, partially guided, or self-guided with the support for planning, transport, bike hire, accommodation booking, and more. Therefore, you can ride alongside others… or on your own and just see your fellow riders at the end to share your tales from the trails.

How do we do it?

We provide all the information you will need for your mountain biking weekend or holiday. From shuttles and bike hire to trail descriptions, maps, directions, and guiding. We can tell you where to find your lunch, where you will lay your head that night and much more. How? We’ve been there and done it all. The information we provide for you wasn’t just downloaded or paid for. We personally have ridden these trails a great many times, we’ve been to the all the sites and charted all the particulars with our own eyes, ears, minds, and notebooks. This website is full of first-hand knowledge and we’ll guide you through the planning, as well as the trail. We’re here to answer any and all of the questions you may have around the Central North Island cycle trails and mountain bike rides.


We are very appreciative of the natural areas we have available here in New Zealand. We want to keep them just the way they are, for others and for future generations. Through becoming an Official Partner of the NZ Cycle Trails, and holding concessions with the Department of Conservation we give back financially to protect the environment and build trails.