Frequently Asked Questions

What trails do you service?

All the best rides in the greater Central North Island. Visit our trails page to see our trails.

Where are you based?

Taupo. It is the ideal central location to do trips to the amazing range of trails that the Central North Island has to offer.

Can I hire a bike?

Yes. We have our own fleet of high quality well maintained bikes. Hard tail and high end full suspension bikes are available. See our bike hire page for more info.

How much does a shuttle cost?

The price of a shuttle seat depends on where you are going and how many people are on the shuttle. All our shuttle pricing is on a sliding scale, the more seats you book (the larger your group size) the cheaper it is per person. Tell us what trail you want to ride, what day you want to ride, and how many people you have in your group then we will give you a quote. Minimum group size in 2 people.

What is the minimum group size?

Two. However if you are just one rider, contact us anyway as we may already have a shuttle going to the trail you want to ride.

What is the best way to do a "Great Ride"?

Since most Great Rides are multi day trails, the best and easiest way to organize services is to book one of our packages. Our all inclusive packages are cost effective, easy to book and have lots of options.

Where do I find accommodation?

We will book it for you as part of a package, or we can make recommendations. Our packages include accommodation for the night(s) in between riding days, and have options for extra accommodation before and/or after you ride.

If you have a group already going, is it cheaper for me?

Yes. If we already have a shuttle doing exactly the same transport that you require then we will give you discount from the standard rate for your booking. Contact us for a quote.

I'm traveling alone can I still do a bike ride?

Yes. If you don't have the minimum of two people you can either: join transport that is already happening for another group (may or may not be on your preferred ride/trail) or you can pay for the minimum rate of 2 people for transport (there are no minimums for bike hire if combined with any of our other services).

I don't have a group can I still use your services?

Yes. We are happy to provide our services for just one person, however the minimum rate of 2 seats for transport still applies. (Unless we already have a shuttle doing exactly the same transport you require). 

Why would I want transport from Taupo?

Taupo is a great central hub to explore the Central North Island and has many attractions within itself. There are place where you can park your car overnight that are safer than some of the car parks out at the trails. Taupo has lots of accommodation and restaurant for the nights/days before or after you ride. In many cases transport from Taupo is not a lot more expensive than getting a one way shuttle out at the trail.

Can I meet you at the trail?

Yes. If your travel plans make it convenient for you to meet us at the start of end of your chosen trail, we will meet you there for transport and will bring any hire bikes you require (hire bikes must be booked in advance). For some trail we can include secure parking in your package.

I'm looking for an easy to intermediate bike ride, what should I ride?

Start by reading about the Timber Trail, Great Lake Trail, and Mountains To Sea Trail. They all have sections that can be individually.

Can you help me choose a ride?

Yes. Contact us and speak to one of our guides, we will help you choose a ride that suits your cycling ability, time frames, and travel plans. Also visit our Trails page to read about various trails.

Do you provide all inclusive packages for multi day rides?

Yes. We provide package with any or all of the following: transport, bike hire, guiding, accommodation, meals, baggage transfers, and water taxis (where applicable).

Can I hire a guide?

Yes, we have a team of experienced guides. Our guides will not only show you the way and help keep you safe, but also provide some historical and geographical insight during the ride. Guides will also provide some bike skills coaching if desired.

If I only want to hire a bike, is that ok?

Yes, however a minimum number of bikes hired may apply depending on which trail/location you want the bikes delivered too.

Can I pick up a bike on the day?

If you are hiring a bike is must be booked in advance. 

If you require bike hire only (no transport etc), then we will deliver and pick up the bike at a pre planned location and time (Ie: trail, accommodation, car park, etc).

If we are meeting you at the trail, we will bring the bike on the day.

If we are picking you up from your accommodation, we will have the bike already loaded onto the shuttle and it will go with you to the trail.