Custom Routes FAQ

Custom Trips Frequently Asked Questions:

So I can really do whatever I want? What limitations are there?
We want you to have the most fun mountain bike holiday you have ever had. If you have an idea of what you want to ride and where you might like to stay then we’ll arrange the logistics for your ideas to become reality. We have concessions to operate tours in certain areas of the North Island. From Thames at the base of the Coromandel Peninsula to Wanganui in the Southwest (of the north island) there is loads of great mountain biking to be done. It is between these areas and on the central plateau that we operate. Have a look at our Trails page to read up on tracks that we service.

Can I stay in my own choice of accommodation?
YES. After choosing the tracks you want to ride click on the button for accomodation in the area and we have laid out recommendations for you. If you have another idea let us know and we’ll shuttle you to where you want to stay (as long as it is in reasonable driving distance from your selected trails for the trip). Remember a Custom Trip is designed by you for you.

Will you still offer camping if I choose it?
YES. If you like the sound of our unique camping service, you are more than welcome to add that to your trip. It will most likely be cheaper than staying at established accommodation, and you get the enjoyment of camping out in NZs beautiful backcountry.

What is the group size?
You choose! If your trip involves shuttling to or from trails then the max we can take is 10. If you have planned a point to point trip where you whole distance, every inch of the way, then we can accommodate much larger groups with 20+ riders.

Will there be a guide or a “sweep”?
You choose! We can offer a guided service where you have a guide that rides with you whole day and can tell you about the tracks and the area, as well as help with any issues that may arise along the way. The other option: A “sweep rider” - a staff member that will ride behind the last rider to ensure nobody gets lost and will be prepared to help with any issues that may arise on the days ride. We can also provide directions for the rides you choose.

Can we ride a trail that’s not on your list?
Most likely! If you have another track in mind don’t hesitate to let us know. We will arrange logistics for you.

Can we have “rest days” so we can do sightseeing and other activities?
YES. A Custom Trip is driven entirely by your preferences, so if you want to have a rest day here or there you can feel free to add that to your itinerary. Also, you want to have an extended stay in a particular area you can add this to your comments on the quote generator (or email us) and we can easily work it in. (For example: you may want to ride a few days, do a multi day hike or kayak, have rest day and continue with more day of riding afterwards. That’s all good, we can help create your dream adventure holiday).

Are there any obligations once I get a quote?
NO. We want you to feel free to dream up a great trip, and we will help you choose the right options.