Craters MTB Park • Grade 2-5 • up to 55km

Craters Mountain Bike Park is one of the oldest mountain bike parks in the area. It has been home to flowing singletrack for many years and continues to be upgraded and maintained by Bike Taupo - a local community based organization. 

The main car park is accessed from Karapiti Rd which is just 5km North of Taupo CBD. There is a map, toilets, and small shelter at the car park.

Pick up a trail map from any bike shop in Taupo. Maps cost $3 and proceeds go back to the trails. There are also 3 map boards at key intersections in the park.

A great feature of the Taupo mountain bike trail network is that the river trails connect seamlessly to Craters Mountain Bike Park. This means you can ride singletrack from Taupo's CBD to Crater Mountain Bike Park and back.  All together, there is over 90km of mountain bike tracks accessible directly from Taupo's CBD. NOTE: the river trails that connect to Taupo to Craters are 2 way. Beware of oncomming riders.

All the tracks in Craters Mountain Bike Park are directional (one way only) and are well signposted. At the beginning of each trail there is a sign with the trail name and grade. At the end of each trail there is a "No Entry" sign. There are also newer plastic signs that have trail names and indicate the length of the trail.

For an introduction to the mountain bike trails at Craters ride: Tourist Trap and Ferret on the South side of the car park, then ride up Tank Stand then Tank Stand Descent, at "The Connection" turn up Incline then blast down Coaster back to the car park. These two short loops combined will take 30-60min depending on your fitness level.

The following list of tracks is a great loop in the northern part of Craters Mountain Bike Park:

This loop contains trail that is a mixture of grade 2 to 3+     Ride time: 1-2hours

From the main mountain bike car park (just off Karapiti Rd):

  • Hammer It
  • Tank Stand
  • Grinder
  • Debs Track (optional loop)
  • Mr & Mrs
  • Better Than P
  • merge with Young Pines
  • Now you are at "The Connection". There is a map and little shelter here, you have the option of adding Outback and the Steamfield Track. This adds another loop that will bring you back to "The Connection"
  • Incline
  • Coaster
  • Nail (returns to the car park)

The following list of tracks is a good loop In the southern area of Creater Mountain Bike Park:

This loop contains trail that is a mixture of grade 2 to 3+     Ride time 45min to 1.5hrs

  • Scraggs
  • exit onto Beagle Boys
  • SH Fun
  • BBC 
  • Bumble Bee 
  • Keygress (great skills training, there are lots of tight corners and little pinch climbs. It's a bit of a maze)
  • join Tourist Trap
  • Ferret
  • rejoin Tourist Trap (returns to the car park)