The Expedition

Our Expeditions start and finish and at significant locations and usually travel through several geographic areas. They are point-to-point rides where cyclists ride the whole length of the route from door to door of your accommodation that is strategically selected and pre-booked. Accommodation is a unique mix of lodges, B&Bs, and motels, or can be done as a camping trip (camping gear is available for hire). Rider’s baggage can be carried by our shuttle so all you carry on your bike is what you need for the ride each day. To allow for cyclists with varied ability levels to participate together on the same expeditions, we can customise daily distance and itineraries to suit your group. Most meals are provided by the accommodation providers or local cafes. Because of remoteness in a couple of locations, you will self-cater with facilities provided. Our Expeditions usually require group sizes of 6 or more people and itineraries are customisable at the time of booking. This social, yet flexible, style of mountain biking adventure aims to bring people together to share the enjoyment of NZ’s back country which is now accessible by the New Zealand Cycle Trail. Guiding is also an option on our expeditions.