Tread Routes Expedition: Thames to Wanganui

2018 Dates: Feb 25 to Mar 12 (dates are subject to confirmation, please express interest)
Includes: 12 days of riding. Accommodation in cottages, lodges, and motels along the route, some pre-booked meals where required. Transport to and from Auckland Airport. Bike hire is an optional extra.
Note: The 2018 route does not include the "Taupo detour" illustrated on the map below.

Distance: 700km   •   Grade: 1 - 4   •   Duration: 10 - 14 days   •   Group size: 6+

Experience the best of the North Island's cycle trails in one continous tour with all the details taken care of. Our Expedition Package is customisable for your group and can incude any or all of the following: transport to the start in Thames and from the end in Whanganui (airport pick ups are optional), accommodation, meals, baggage transfers, jet boat transfer (water taxi), bike hire, and guiding.
* The detour via Taupo is optional.
Thames to Whanganui Overview
Are you looking for the ultimate mountain biking expedition in the North Island of New Zealand? Tread Routes Thames to Whangani Expedition is what you are looking for. Imagine 10 - 14 days of riding without turning back. Everyday you will ride southwards working your way across our stunning North Island.  Riding from Thames to Wanganui, each day is be a new adventure on a new mix of trails, tracks, and quiet travelled back roads.
Our well planned route gives you 50-80km per day of amazing scenic yet challenging riding that links together 5 of New Zelands "Great Rides" (sections of the NZ Cyle Trail). Each day ends at unique accomodation right on the route where you can kick back an relax knowing that all details are taken care of. Cycle touring enthusiasts know that the process is the product. This is New Zealand back country cycle touring at it’s best.
Check out these images from a camping Expedition: