What we are doing?
We are bringing many mountain biking trails to your tyre tracks. Partnering with the NZ Cycle Trail we provide fully supported all-inclusive package trips that encourage an 'at your own pace' riding style along with accommodation in lodges along the trail, or a fully catered camping service en-route. Our primary concept is all inclusive trips with at your own pace riding style that include transport guiding, accommodation, baggage transfers, meals and bike hire. We’re taking care of logistics; making it easy to get you, your mates, all your bikes & gear out to ride the tracks. Along with transport arrangements, food and accommodation, shuttling of gear, directions and descriptions of tracks, we also offer a guiding service if that is how you would like it.
We also offer out personalised shuttle service for over 30 tracks and trails accross the North Island. Check out our shuttles page.
Who we are
We are cyclists. The reason Tread Routes exists is because we are fanatical about cycling. We are a small business based in Taupo, Central Plateau of the North Island, NZ. We like to keep it real: the same people who you'll deal with throughout the planning and booking process will be the same people who will drive you, guide you and help set up camp or settle into your lodging on your expedition. Tread Routes was founded from a love of mountain biking in New Zealand and a passion to share it with the masses! For more about us as individuals please see our Tread Routes Staff Profiles.
Why us?
We are cyclists and mountain biking is our passion. We ride the tracks on a regular basis because it's what we love to do. This means we can give you first hand, up date knowledge. With our intricate knowledge of the trails we can tailor your trip to suit your group and even adjust itineraries for Custom trips according to the weather to provide the best experience on the trail. Tread Routes is the first of its kind in NZ. We are the only mountain bike adventure company to offer a such a huge variety of options on North Island bike trips. What excites us more is that we are the only company in NZ that provides catered camping mountain bike trips on the North Island. You are able to choose whether you want to join a scheduled departure on an existing trip or whether you want to tailor an exclusive experience according to your desires and budget. (See our Routes page for these options.)
Another part of the process that we want to make enjoyable is that info should be VERY clear and easy to understand on our website.... that's why we have written so much. Planning on this website should be an easy breezy process with heaps of options and you should feel very informed around pricing and what to expect from your trips with us. Our unique Custom Routes Quote Generator  is a feature of Tread Routes and was designed especially for you to easily build your dream trip right here and get an instant no strings attached quote.
Why Groups?
We all know it, cycling can be a very social sport, and almost everyone likes to ride with friends. We also know that cycling is a great way to make friends. Cycle touring and bike trips are social cycling at its best. We offer group trips that enable you to choose whether it will be a trip exclusive to your group of friends, or you can  join an existing group on an existing departure. Our group sizes range from 4 - 30+ riders. The expeditions are relaxed and not guided unless you've specified that you want a guide on a Custom Route. On our scheduled Big Routes and Short Routes we have unique midway lunch stop system that enables you to ride at your own pace entirely if you wish. Therefore you can ride along side others...or on your own and just see them at the lunch stop for some marvelling over the trails together. 

Nourishing nutrition = good performance riding = Rider Satisfaction.
We have several options to make food a memorable part of your mountain bike experience. If you choose our “Big Route” or one of our “Short  Routes” we provide a very unique catered camping experience. You roll up to an amazing bush camp, and our chef will be preparing a delicious meal while you have a wash and set up your tent. This way you maximise time riding, relaxing, and hanging out with other cyclists, while we bring the food and water into each of the campsites and do all of your cooking. We take all the hassle out of camping while you enjoy what you are really there for. 
Alternatively, if you choose more luxurious accommodation using ‘Custom Routes’ where you’ve chosen an established accommodation in the area of your desired trails, then you will enjoy the variety of cuisine on offer in both the unique rural and urban areas of the New Zealand countryside.  We can give you suggestions, and you customise your own holiday and the extras – it’s that easy.

Wanting to make the day as convenient and comfortable as possible we also provide a 'lunch stop' on route. At approximately the half way point of your cycling day we set up a 'lunch stop' that is available for a couple of hours. Here you can roll up on your bike, kick back and enjoy a prepared midday munch and allow for some digestion to take place before continuing the trail.  

We all know everyone has their own taste and budget when it comes to accommodation. There are about as many different types of accommodation as there are knobs on your tire….that’s why we’ve decided to make some suggestions to take a little strain off your route planning.  If you are not on one of our pre-set camping expeditions then you can choose the starting point, where you’d like to come & go from during your trail riding holiday, and we’ll suggest accommodation options as a base and on the route if you want a point to point trip. Our suggestions range from recommended camping options to B&B’s, Motels, Hotels & Lodges. If you have a specific place in mind we also allow for your own bookings to fit in.

How we do it:
We provide all the information you will need for your mountain biking weekend or holiday. From shuttling, trail descriptions, maps, directions, guiding, what you will eat for lunch, where you will lay your head that night and much MUCH more.  How? We’ve been there and done it all. The information provided to you wasn’t just downloaded or paid for. We personally have ridden the tracks, been to the sites and charted all the particulars with our own eyes, ears and minds. We are the backbone of this web page and we’ll guide you through the planning. We’re here to answer any & all of the questions you may have around any topics covered.

We are very appreciative of the natural areas we have in available to the pulblic here in New Zealand. We want to keep them that way, for others and for future generations. Through becoming official trail partners, a national partner, and paying concessions we give back to DOC and other organizations that protect the environment and build tracks. 

Core values of our business:

New Zealand’s nature: We have an amazing country to show off and boast world class mountain biking opportunities.

Exploration: We thrive off experiencing new places and plan to share this in a positive way.

Social adventure: Adventures should be shared they’re more enjoyable that way and can create timeless bonds.

The bicycle: Man’s most noble invention, a non motorized, affordable, eco-friendly, and healthy mode of transport. 

Tracks and trails: Experiencing NZ from the backcountry is the best way.

Healthy lifestyle: Promoting exercise and outdoor activity.

Social responsibility: Giving back to the natural areas and tracks that we use so others can enjoy it. 

Cross-marketing: Promoting other businesses surrounding the cycle tourism industry.

Affordability:  Making trips lower cost thus enabling a larger demographic of participants on our expeditions. 
Client focussed: Customisation to meet clients needs. Staff in the office are the guides and leaders on tour allowing for a consistent service.
"Every day that we live, every person we meet, every turn on the trail is another opportunity. 
Simple as that." - Anonymous.